Lean Sigma Consultancy

Company-wide Lean Sigma Consultancy and Deployment

Use our 25 yrs of expertise in process excellence through Lean Sigma Consultancy. Our key strategy remains to make the best use of both - lean and six sigma through programs that are tailor made, specific and incorporates the cultural values of the organisation and ensures maximum return of investment.

Lean Sigma Gap Study 

Get the gap study done by our experts for your organisation to understand the level of maturity and readiness for company-wide Lean Sigma consultancy and deployment in your organisation. It shall help customizing training modules on Lean and Six Sigma specific to your organisation.

The duration of the Lean Sigma gap study varies from 3 days to 1 week time that includes site visit and one to one interaction with the key staff members.

Lean Sigma Sponsor training 

085c1e4eda3c6304e67fe7e27df05e6dWe strongly recommend to get the buy-in for company-wide Lean Sigma consultancy and deployment by the key staff members (also known as sponsors) in the organisation. It is best done by through a half day Lean Sigma Sponsor training followed by a workshop.

It will help convince the key staff members -

'Lean Sigma will work for their organisation and that it is on top priority for the them'.

They will also understand the lean sigma road map, their roles, responsibility and accountability.

Its duration is generally for half a day.

Lean Sigma Workshop and Unique Action Portfolio 

An early 'Lean Sigma Workshop' is key to the success of lean sigma projects in an organisation. 

Get this workshop done in the beginning of lean sigma deployment and let the key management staff brainstorm to identify problems in the organisation and prioritize them. 

Experts form our organisation will help the team to select the projects on top priority for the organisation and make an unique action portfolio (UAP) with the clear identification of project leaders, the expected benefits in financial terms and the timeline.

Lean sigma workshop and unique action portfolio (UAP) is an early indication of a successful lean sigma deployment in an organisation.

Lean Sigma Green Belt Certification

Identify the leaders in your organisation who can become the change agents for quality and continuous improvement. 

We will train them to take up challenges, develop leadership quality to manage these challenges, and equip them with statistical knowledge and problem solving techniques to systematically solve the problems with facts and figures. Even more they would be slowly changing the culture of the organisation for making a world class organisation. 

On successful completion of training and improvement projects, we will certify them as 'lean sigma green belt'. The number of certified lean sigma green belts and lean sigma projects with clear financial savings will be a good indicator for the speed and intensity on which the organisation is adopting change and improving their product and processes to become or maintain leadership in the market.

A standard lean sigma green belt training takes 5 days, the project completion and certification thereafter takes 30-60 days time. 

The certified lean sigma green belts should be able to devote at least 25% of their time in quality and continuous improvement initiatives in an organisation. 

78af7841ae8b72cd01eac5572aea6907-smallLean Sigma Black Belt Certification

Let some of your employees become expert in lean and six sigma methodologies, who in turn can train and develop lean sigma green belts internally.

Put them on 100% quality and continuous improvement role.

We shall train them rigorously to play big role in quality and continuous improvement along with top class project management and team management skill. On successful completion of training and high impact improvement projects, we will recognize them with 'lean sigma black belt' certification. 

They will act as role model in the organisation for all quality and continuous improvement initiatives.

The standard black belt training takes 4 weeks time and the project side by side takes 3-4 months time. Experts of our organisation will provide step by step guidance and will become coach/ mentor for them to ensure the organisation gets the maximum return on investment.

Lean Sigma Master Black Belt training

Master Black Belts, trained and certified by us shall have the complete expertise in rolling out the program independently seeing the big picture of the organization. It is a full time role. It takes 1 year – 3 year to train, develop and give the full expertise of Lean (Six) Sigma. A very few number of Master Black Belts are required in an organization.

Contact Ravindra Kumar | Chief Consultant @ +91-97177 91504 for company-wide lean sigma consultancy and deployment in Delhi / Noida/ Gurgaon/ Faridabad and Ghaziabad.


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