Lean Sigma Green Belt

Company-wide Lean Sigma Consultancy and Deployment through Green Belt Training and Certification Program

Eliminate bottlenecks in your organisation to make your operations quick, reduce non-value adding activities to shorten lead time, and reduce defects to lower customer concerns through:

Company wide execution of 'Lean Sigma'  improvement projects by uniquely trained and certified 'Lean Sigma Green Belts'  in your organisation by our highly experienced master black belts. 
Minimum requirements for training and certification: 
  1. Any science graduate, engineers, or MBAs and
  2. 1 year of work experience in any functions and
  3. willing to devote at least 25% of his/ her time on quality and continuous improvement and
  4. should be working in any organisation

The candidates meeting the above minimum requirements and successful clearing the written exam after training and on successful completion of at least one continuous improvement project shall be awarded as the prestigious 'certified lean sigma green belt'.

Candidates not completing the improvement project shall be awarded only with 'trained lean sigma green belt'

The standard duration of the lean sigma green belt training is 5 days and that of completing lean sigma continuous improvement project is 1 - 3 months.

In-house program:

Get lean sigma deployed in your organisation, and

Let your leaders be trained and certified as 'lean sigma green belt' through in-house program. 

The tailor made in-house program will be more relevant for your organisation and maximize the return on investment. It will help quickly adopt the lean sigma culture by the people in your organisation, and increase the success probability of lean sigma deployment and its improvement projects.

Open program:

Contact us for the latest calendar of lean sigma green belt training and certification program in your city.

You can also train and certify your employees for 'Lean Sigma Black Belt' for solving big problems of product quality and process inefficiency in your organisation.

If your are interested in 'Lean Sigma Consultancy' for company-wide Lean Sigma deployment, our experts having over 25 years of experiences in various nationals and multinational companies would be of great help for you.


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Lean Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification